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Caddigan Services

Expert Appraisal Services

Caddigan Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc., has been appraising antiques and personal property of all descriptions for over two decades. Most often our appraisal services go hand in hand with our auction services – we establish value for all items then market and sell them accordingly. The accuracy in assigning value is critical to the success of a sale. Our familiarity with the market, our expertise, and our experience make us the obvious choice when an accurate appraisal is needed for insurance, probate, estate settlement, or general information purposes. Please click here for Caddigan's personal qualification statement.


Proven Selling Results

The Caddigan reputation for quality attracts qualified buyers and consignors from coast to coast. Both buyers and sellers benefit at our auctions because we're known for good merchandise at fair prices. Our marketing programs are custom-tailored for each auction, and our advertising reaches the key audiences for all types of merchandise (from antique furniture to vintage clothing to toys & dolls to 20th Century Design, fine art, and much more). We've been selling for over 20 years. We routinely handle common furniture, china, and collectibles, as well as rare art, precious items, and choice antique furnishings. Caddigan auctions deliver solid results.


Professional Moving and Packing

Caddigan offers complete moving, packing, and transportation services. We make your move easy, efficient, and reliable. Again, our years of experience become very important when it comes to safely moving valuable merchandise. Our professional movers handle expensive antiques daily, and take pride in carefully moving and packing your personal property. In addition, our network of moving professionals allow us to accommodate pianos, and any other "difficult-to-move" pieces.


Safe, Inexpensive Storage

Most often, our storage services are included in our commissioned rate, and cost nothing extra for consignors. We do offer storage at excellent rates when special circumstances arise. We store merchandise in several safe locations.


Total Cleanout Services

Many auction houses will survey and appraise the contents of an estate, and offer to sell only the best items. At Caddigan, we understand that estates most often need to be liquidated quickly and with little effort on the bank, attorney, insurance agent, or family's part. That's why we offer a complete solution – we still find the best pieces in an estate and auction those off at our large fine auctions, sell the other valuable items at our weekly auctions, and dispose of the worthless items. When you hire Caddigan, you get a complete solution where dollar value is maximized on all items, and the home is left broom-swept and ready for sale. Our "total package" makes it easy to deal with us – we'll do all the work.

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